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A good cup of coffee

“Coffee has been at the centre of communities around the world for centuries. We are passionate about making great coffee and investing in the community”

Lisa Hurst, Founder

25% of all profits donated to good causes in the communities we serve.
All taxes paid in UK No avoidance Schemes or off-shore companies.
Commitment to offering training and employment to young people.
Locally sourced milk and dairy products.
Investment in to our coffee producing communities.
The finest beans freshly ground for every cup.


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 “We intend to make sure every cup of coffee served at HatHats is a ‘good’ cup. Freshly ground beans, investment in the communities we serve as well as offering opportunities to people who need it most”

Lisa Hurst, Founder

Our History

HatHats Coffee Company was setup, by husband and wife team Lisa and Louis Hurst, to create a really good cup of coffee. Louis is a serial entrepreneur who already runs several successful companies and is most well known for founding the Amelix Group. Lisa had taken a few years out of work to bring up the couples 3 children, Amelia, Felix and Hattie. When Hattie started school the time seemed right to start producing really good cups of coffee.
The pair set off on a coffee experiment with the sole purpose of making a really good cup of coffee. Not only would it taste fantastic it would also give back to the communities that helped make it. In recent years lots has been said about the large coffee shop chains and their ethics, from avoiding corporation tax by using off-shore companies or avoidance or aggressive moves into market places and disinvesting into communities.
HatHats believes you can create a coffee brand as well as doing good. Like most ethical coffee companies, we source all our beans from Fair Trade suppliers and closely monitor our supply chain to make sure we are always paying a fair price every step of the way. However,  we want to do more than that and have embedded the culture of reinvesting in communities at the heart of what we do and stipulated that this must be one of the elements that makes a Good Cup Of Coffee.
We believe in empowerment, opportunity and intraprenurship, and whilst the aim of HatHats is to have several outlets serving really good cups of coffee, we intend to invest heavily in our people. Our managers will be given autonomy to make decisions that are right for the communities we serve, we will recruit from sectors of the community that have not necessarily had the best start in life and donate 25% of every outlets profits back to schemes and good causes in the local community. In addition to giving away 25% of the profit made to good causes we will give all our staff 10 days off, fully paid, to go and do projects that help others. We promise to pay all our taxes in the UK and will not be employing any fancy accountants to try and reduce what we, rightly, should pay. However, that isn’t enough for us, as well as paying a fair price for our beans we are committed to development projects in the countries that produce our beans; and will be investing in health, education and infrastructure to make sure everyone involved in producing our good cup of coffee benefits.

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Want to work with us?

Ok, so having filtered the information on our site and seen what we are all about… Do you like what you have seen? Are you as obsessed with customer service as we are? Want to make a difference in the world and of course learn how to make awesome coffee? If so we want to hear from you.  Go on tell us about yourself we’d love to hear your story.

We’re always on the hunt for passionate people to join our small, friendly team. If you have tons of experience that’s amazing but we focus on attitude not skills, we reckon we can teach you all the skills if you have the right attitude and a willingness to learn.

We must warn you though we are a fussy bunch and want only the very best people so make sure you impress us from the outset.

For more information on working with us and what vacancies we have at the moment ping an email to careers@hathats.coffee telling us all about you. It’s also worth following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook as we will put all our job opportunities there when they are advertised.

 “We look for attitude way more than skill, we can teach you skills but attitude is harder to come by!”






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